Friday, August 23, 2013

Deals this Week

It's been a while but there has been a major drought when it comes to good deals. Back to school means some great prices:
Superstore/Independent/Extra Foods:
Vega One nutritional shake: $54.98, reg $69.99 - plant based shake
Hemp Hearts 7.98/227g, reg 8.79. I'm sure this is not even close to the deal you'd get at Costco, but if you're not a Costco member, this might be a good price.
WOWbutter (soyspread instead of peanut butter): 3.98/500g, reg $4.98
Liberte Greek yougurt: $3.98/500t, reg $5.59 (greek yogurt is pricier because it has a higher protein content)

 spend $200 get 40x200ml Sunrype juice boxes AND PC club pack granola bars FREE
PLUS Save double GST on Saturda August 24th ONLY

lots of housewares on sale for cheap (these are likely cheaply made too, but will do the job): utensils, dishes, glasses, small electric appliances like kettles.
Parsons chair $29 each, reg $59 (limit 6). Linen or faux leather
Buy one pillow @ $9.99, get one for $1 - NEED COUPON (in flyer or possibly in store too)

Del Monte fruit bowls $1.97, limit 8
tomatoes on the vine $0.76/lb
peaches, freestone, 9kg case $19.98 (works out to $0.99/lb)

Casa Mendosa tortillas 2/$6

seasoned chicken breasts (IQF) $29.99/4kg box, works out to $2.98/lb
Purex 24 double rolls $9.99, limit 4.
PC frozen lasagna, 2.27kg (family size) $7.98, limit 4. reg $12.99
Clover Leaf tuna 170g or flavored 85g $1.17 each, limit 4
Hellman's mayo 750-890ml $3.97
Oikos Greek or Danone silhouette 4x100g $3.47 (usually over $4)
Kellogg's family sized cereals $4.97, limit 6. BUT, the picture shows the $5 gas coupons for every 2 boxes
Kelloggs corn flakes, special K or All bran flakes, Jumbo size $4.97
Post Honey Combs or Great Grains 385-725g $3.47, limit 6

(junk category, but still nice to get a deal):
Oreos 280-300g, $1.97, limit 4
Goldfish $1.97, limit 6
Sidekicks $0.97 each, limit 12
Imperial margarine 1.36kg (quarters or tubs) $2.97, limit 4, reg $6.47
Quaker chewy granola bars $1.97. limit 6
Bear Paws $1.97, limit 6

Clothes: spend $50, get a $10 gift card
Jeans (kids and toddlers) 2 for $12

Dollar Days, lots of less than healthy stuff, but most of us eat  it anyway at some point:
Coke or Pepsi 2L pop $1
Foremost or Beatrice 1L chocolate milk $1
Michelinas frozen entrees $1
Sidekicks $1
Swanson pot pies $1 (have you ever looked at the fat content on these? Just sayin...)
Del Monte or Dole fruit 398ml $1
Alcan aluminum foil, grand plastic wrap or sandwich bags $1
Green Giant Simply Steam veggies 250g $1 - if these aren't too bad for sodium perhaps worth a try for work lunches
Jello Instant pudding $1 (check out the sodium content, surprising to say the least)
Fruit by the foot , Nature Valley granola bars, quaker Dipps or chewy granola bars $2

Canadian Tire:
Hammermill all purpose copy paper 500 sheets for $3
6 foot folding table $40, regular $60
Charmin toilet paper 20 double rolls $7.99 NO RAINCHECKS
KitchenAids $249.99-$299.99 after $50 rebates.
Cuisinart cast-iron cooking pots, ceramic bakeware - save up to 70% - I've heard this is amazing stuff, haven't tried it yet

I know I've missed a bunch but it's late and I'm tired. Happy shopping and stocking up on lunch snacks for back to school.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sisters Looking for Work

Sister Maria Tapsoba is looking for work. She is experienced in horticulture, some office duties, housekeeping and is fluent in French. If you know of anything, please contact Maria at 403 986-8580 or a member of the Relief Society Presidency.

Sisters looking for work

Sister Ceron is looking to add to her housecleaning clientele. If you or anyone you know would like their house cleaned, please contact her.403 342-8837.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grocery Picks - Jan 11-17

Here are a few of my grocery picks for this week:
spend $175, get free lasagna ($12.99 value). These taste pretty good.
Lean ground beef $2.48/lb
broccoli $0.96/bunch
No Name canned fruit (796ml) 2/$4
No Name shredded cheese (1kg) $10.98 
this price doesn't meet my 'under $1/100g price' but, it's already grated. Throw it in the freezer and you're good to go for nachos, tuna melts, whatever and you don't have an extra dish to wash. Worth the extra $1 for me.
Danone creamy or sihouette 16x100g yogurt $4.97 (limit 2, over limit $6.97)
Duncan Hines cake mix 4/$4.88
VEGA ONE all-in-one nutritional shake $54.98, reg $69.99
I can't stomach these regularly but if you like shakes, these are completely plant-based and help get more beans and lentils in your diet. Created by an iron-man triathlete. Cool.
No Name stuffed chicken breasts (box of 2) 2 boxes/$5

Independent Grocer (Clearview)
I like comparing prices between superstore and independent flyers. Haven't done a complete shop yet to see which is a better deal overall. I'd love feedback if anyone has compared yet.
Boneless blade roast OR pork tenderloin $3/lb (JoAnn, can you confirm if this is a good deal?)
White mushrooms or peppers $2/lb
Romaine, red leaf or green leaf lettuce $1/head
French's mustard 455ml or Kraft BBQ sauce 225ml $1
Hmm, roast or pork + BBQ sauce = pulled beef/pork MMMMMM
No Name canned fruit 398/540ml 4/$5 (good if you want smaller cans)
pineapple $4
sidekicks $0.99
croissants 6 count $1
quaker granola bars 3/$5 (my benchmark price is $2/box)
No Name chicken or beef pot pies $1 each (once in a blue moon food, check out the fat content)

Charmin 30 giant rolls TP (=75 single rolls) $14.97
cracker barrel cheese 700g $7.94 (still not at the $1/100g price but best I saw)
broccoli or celery $1
Old Spice or Secret deodorant $1.97 (I think regular price is usually around $3-4)

I don't even bother checking Save-On, Sobey's or Co-Op, so if there's anything fantastic from there, leave a comment.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

JoAnn's Grocery Picks

There are a few items at each of the stores this week, but I'm going to highlight the store I am visiting this week.  As it is 15% at Safeway, Sobeys and Save-on, I will most likely go to Sobeys purely out of habit, but I have chosen Save-on and here's why.

Chicken legs, back attached, fresh $1.00/lb  That's only $.85/lb (on Tuesday that is) for fresh.  That means you don't have to try to cook the entire 5kg box because you can't possibly pry them apart.  Boil or pressure cook, debone and use for your favorite chicken casserole or soup or simply make the most delicious sandwiches for far cheaper and healthier than luncheon meat!!
Hunt's thick and rich pasta sauce $1.00  or $.85 on Tuesday
WF juice boxes $1.00/5  It is pure juice not punches or cocktail. $.85/5 on tuesday
Jamieson Vit C $4.99/120's  500 mg.  I realize that it's not organic, but when it comes to Vitamin C, I'm not that picky.  $4.25 on Tuesday
navel oranges $5.99/10lbs  $5.09/box on Tuesday.  A hair over $.50/lb  Tis the season for navel oranges.

May I take a moment to also remind everyone we will be starting our monthly potlucks this Sunday.  Immediately following our meetings at 4:00 pm.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Children's Choir

Thank you to Pam Liptak for forwarding this information to me.
Lisa Ward is forming a children's choir and has placed information to the elementary schools.  However, I did not hear it this way.  Perhaps you have.  In any event, if you do not know Lisa Ward, she is a very accomplished choir director, formerly directing the choirs at LTCHS.  She is now directing choirs privately, including ihana and soliloquy, renown adult/young adult choirs.  When I heard that she is forming a children's choir, I was very excited.  Her skills are well known in the choir community and we would be very fortunate to have her molding our young childrens' voices.  Here is the link to the website.  One catch - the information meeting it TONIGHT!!
The choir is set to start in the new year. 

Groupon ski deal at Canyon

Here's something you  may not be signed up for yet.  It's called groupon.  It's a site that sells deals from a variety of businesses.  This week there is a $39 lift ticket for 2 at Canyon.  Not valid during the Christmas break or Family Day weeked.  But you can either buy a weekend or weekday pass.  Your choice.  It's time sensitive - there are only 3 days left to purchase the coupon.
Here's the link.